Ferrari 488 Spider


Ferrari 488 Spider: From dream to reality behind the wheel of this convertible

The Ferrari 488 Spider is the latest chapter in the love story between Maranello and the convertible V8 sports cars.

Each part of the 488 Spider, starting with the retractable hardtop around which the entire vehicle was developed, has been designed to set new technological benchmarks in the field.


1 – 3 4 – 7 + 8 Extra kms Caution
2000 € 1800 € 1600 € 6 € 20 000 €

* Price per day – 200 km included



Ferrari 488 Spider

Make your dreams come true and climb aboard a Ferrari 488 Spider for driving pleasure!


The Ferrari 488 Spider is an extremely attractive model, which is sure to make your eyes shine. The first reason for this is quite simply the fact that it is a Ferrari and then a convertible. These two reasons mean that everything is dedicated to the simple pleasure of driving, in the best conditions.


This beautiful work version cut offers you an exemplary sound system, despite an engine that growls loudly and loudly its power. With a fast and optimum speed ratio, the Ferrari 488 Spider also benefits from ultra-comfortable damping.


Extremely agile and dynamic, the 488 Spider will make you the master of the most beautiful roads in the South of France. Put your hands on the steering wheel and marvel at the first acceleration! Ac Auto guarantees you an alluring mechanical sensation.


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